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Month: March 2021

I Can’t Convince Anyone

 As I get older,  I’ve become more invested in the notion that I really can’t convince anyone, politically, of anything anymore. This is an important statement come up because it literally changes how I make decisions on how I spend my time. This affects my politics mainly in the fact that I will not engage in debate, because I don’t believe I personally am effective in debating. The way I change people’s minds is by my actions. The way I make fundamental change is make sure that people who believe the same as I do  get active politically, and above all vote.

   So, instead of (or In addition to) shouting at the TV and sending my money to candidates I support, I choose to get involved. To give, as one of my long time faith community leaders used to say, my time and talent, as well as my treasure. I choose to take tangible action that will increase the political power of those who already share my opinion. Examples of this are: driving people to polls in Hamilton County Ohio (2008), knocking on doors in Modesto (2018), and being a poll watcher in Wisconsin (2020).

   Why do I do this? Two principal reasons. First, in his last letter to the world, John Lewis made a profound statement that “democracy is not a state, it is an act”. One thing we learned from the period between 2017 and 2021 is that Democracy is fragile and can be taken away from us. We live in a Republic, where government derives its power from the consent of the governed. We learned during this period, that there are those who do not hold this positions. Moreover, we learned we must tangibly act to maintain it. We The People govern, and it requires work.

   Second, and more importantly, I engage because I believe in the definition of this country, which I have written about before. This country is a secular, omni-ethnic, representative, democratic republic. And it is changing. By 2042, this country will be majority minority. No one ethnic group will have a majority. My efforts in this regard are twofold: to ensure the definition of this country remains the same, and to bring the non-majority (read: Non-white) groups into full participation in this country. Equal protection before the law, AND equal rights, equal opportunity and equal outcomes for all, no matter who your ancestors were, how able you are, how you worship, or who you love. This is the work of centuries, but I choose to start working on it now.

   Why do I do this? Simple. I love this country, and as my faith tells me, all life is sacred. To do otherwise is to disrespect those two ideas.



(Pat) Elizabeth Roth, 83, of Naples, FL passed away at her home in the Moorings
Park Community on March 1st, 2021.

was preceded in death by her parents, Loren and Ruth (nee Peters) Gibson, and
her brother, Lt. Col. Donald Gibson.

is survived by her sons William and David Roth, her grandchildren, Emma and
Anna Roth, and her sister Mary McLean. She was preceded in death by the love of
her life, William (Bill) Roth.

was born in Independence, Missouri from where her family moved frequently during
her younger years as her father worked at various construction projects
throughout the US and South America. She settled in Williston, SC where she
graduated from high school in 1956. She then attended South Carolina Baptist
Nursing School in Columbia, SC earning her RN in 1959. That summer she met her
husband to be of 59 years while he was a summer employee at the Savannah River
Nuclear plant outside Aiken, SC. Pat and Bill were married the following summer
in Aiken on August 27, 1960.  From there
the newlyweds set out for West Lafayette, IN. There she worked as a RN putting
Bill through graduate school at Purdue University.

moving to LaCrosse, WI she worked as a RN for several years before devoting
full time to raising her sons. When they were well settled in school she
decided to pursue a life-long dream.

a passion and a keen eye for fashion, she established “The Gibson Girl”; a
ladies shoe and accessories store. Pat relished the business and particularly
enjoyed going to market in cities like New York, Dallas and Chicago.

nearly 25 years in LaCrosse, the Roths moved out East to Darien, CT; a move
which ultimately brought about the decision to sell the shoe store. This
prompted her to undertake the task of initiating and supervising the design and
construction of a beach house on Hideaway Beach on Marco Island, FL. Following
David’s high school graduation in 1987, she decided to put down roots in
Florida returning to the South which she had enjoyed so much during her youth.

was very active in tennis and bridge at Hideaway Beach and the Island Country
Club. She also was involved with Guadeloupe Center in Immokalee, FL; The Naples
Philharmonic League and San Marco Catholic Church and St. William Catholic
Church where she served as a Eucharistic Minister.

almost thirty years on Marco, Pat and Bill moved to Moorings Park in Naples
thoroughly enjoying the amenities and lifestyle of the continuing care

memorial will be held at the Moorings Park, 120 Moorings Park Drive, at Bower
Memorial Chapel at 11am on Saturday, March 13th. There will be a reception at
Moorings Park following the Service. Inurnment will be private.

family requests that in lieu of flowers memorials be directed to Guadalupe
Center, (Please set the “A Tribute
Gift” field to “In Memory of Patricia Elizabeth Roth”)

© 2023 Bill Roth

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