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VC/Investor Job sites And Others as of September 2023

This is a list of sites with folks that are hiring these days. If you have questions, DM me on twitter/X at @wgroth2. A google related list (Great job portfolio site) (VC portfolio, cyber and natsec related)

In-Q-Tel: (CIA funded.)

How to get a job at VMware

How to get a job at VMware

Want to know how to get a job at VMware? I am writing this down because I end up sending a version of this email to a lot of people, like folks in my community, or students at Marquette University.

First off, VMware is a great company, with a good culture. But, if you are looking for a startup, this is not it. That said, they/we have good products, good people, and a good culture. I plan on staying for a long time.

How to get a Job at VMware: The numbers (or 25 to get 1)

How to get a job at VMware? Getting hired at VMware requires persistence. I targeted VMware when I was looking. I sent in upwards of 75 resumes online, and I got 3 sets of interviews, which resulted in 1 job. This is where I come up with the metrics. Assume you’ll have to submit 25 resumes to 25 different jobs in order to get one call back. 25 to get one. Yes, The numbers stink, but that’s life. Get used to it.

How to Get a Job At VMware

It’s who you know….

Mostly. Look, it helps if you know someone, but I am living proof you don’t need to. But, if we do know each other, please let me know you are submitting, and I’ll submit internally for you as a referral. VMware has a robust referral program. But I’ll only do this if I actually know you.

How to get a job at VMware: The process

The process is as follows:

  1. Go to and search for jobs.
    1. Or if that’s not working
  2. Find the job you are looking for.
  3. Write down the Job ID. It will be R followed by some numbers, e.g. R123456
  4. Submit your job. Optionally include a cover letter. (more on this in a minute).
  5. If we know each other, send me the job ID, and I’ll submit internally, and tell you what I know about the group.

How to get a job at VMware: Internships

Internships start appearing in December, so if you are in college or grad school make sure to start applying then. Most of them are decided by March, in my experience.

A note about LinkedIn

This is just me: I don’t use PDF or DOCX resumes, I only use LinkedIn. Make sure your profile is up to date. Moreover, be aware of what your Google search results are, because I am going to check.

A note about Passion

The job interviews that worked best for me were the ones I had passion and a firm opinion on. At BEA, I sensed the rise of Eclipse as a platform, and made that known during the interviews, even though it was a competitor to BEA’s then current offering. (Turns out, they were aware of the rise of Eclipse as well). During the interview, I was passionate about what the product strategy is. It helped me get the job.

In a similar sense, at VMware, when I was interviewing, I made it clear that their projections for this new product were wildly optimistic. I gave them my view of the market, which I had been in for 5+ years,  and I gave then an idea of how I would market it, in spite of the disconnect. I got the job. And I’m still here, as of this revision, nearly 7 years later.

So that’s it. Good luck, and let me know how I can help.

(Originally published 12/27/2017, updated 4/1/2020).

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