I have been searching for a decent hamburger all my life, never able to verbalize what a “good” hamburger really is. Until now.

Last night, I ate at the “Burger Bar” near my hotel in Amsterdam. And I finally found it.
First, it must be a sesame seed bun. And the bun must be soft and moist. Second, its a hamburger,  not a salad. Toppings are ok
In moderation. Third, the bin must do an adequate job of covering the meat and toppings. In-n-out fails here. Finally, the meat has to be decent quality,  soft and tender, and neither too large nor too small. Most pub burgers fail here, and serve great quantities of highly paced beef.

Burger Bar did this. Amazing to think I would have to come to 5000 miles to get something quintessentially American.
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