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Month: September 2023

VC/Investor Job sites And Others as of September 2023

This is a list of sites with folks that are hiring these days. If you have questions, DM me on twitter/X at @wgroth2. A google related list (Great job portfolio site) (VC portfolio, cyber and natsec related)

In-Q-Tel: (CIA funded.)

Youtube SEO Notes

(This article has been moved to:

Here are my notes on how to optimize YouTube for search, aka Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

  1. Never leave the description of the video black. Always fill it in with your core message
  2. Never leave the “Tags” section blank. These are where to put the your core keywords.
  3. Have a clear single keyword in mind
    1. Multiple keywords dilute the search value
  4. Put that keyword early in the title
  5. Include your keyword early in your description. You should have at least 50 words in the description
  6. Add a Transcript to your video
  7. Ask people to Like or Share your video
    1. Friends and family ok too
  8. Include keywords in your video file name, title cards, descriptions, end screens, transcript/script, and overlays
  9. Tag your video with popular keywords
  10. Categorize your video
  11. Upload Subtitles and Closed Caption files from an SRT file
  12. Make sure there is a Call To Action (CTA) in the video AND the description (ie Subscribe now, Call us today, comment below)
  13. Add Cards and End Screens to increase your channels ownership (AKA “Subscribe Now”)
  14. Add HashTags
  15. Add a playlist on related topics for social sharing
  16. Review analytics and understand which lengths that work from your audience
  17. optional: Leave a pinned comment on your own video
  18. Curate and respond to your comments promptly. If you engage with them, they’ll engage with you

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