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My Ballot Picks for 11/3/2020 DRAFT

Draft of my picks for November 3rd, 2020.

Draft. More later.

State Propositions

Prop 14: Yes  This is important work, and needs funding, and I’m setting aside my queasiness around the origin of some of the stem cell lines. We need to make sure their acquired ethically.

Prop 15: Yes. Chips away at Prop 13 and helps to make a fairer property tax system and better funding for schools. See Sacred Heart Voter Guide.

Prop 16: Yes. Erases Prop 209 and allows affirmative action style programs at the state level, which are needed to chip away at the current  overlay of systemic racism.

Prop 17: Yes. If you have done your time and paid your debt to society, you should be able to vote.

Prop 18: Yes. Register 17 year olds early.

Prop 19: Yes. Allowing old people (like me) and wildfire recipients a property tax break.

Prop 20: No. A measure by the prison industry to keep people behind bars. See Sacred Heart Voter Guide.

Prop 21: Yes. Allows localities to enact rent control. With high housing costs, this is necessary.

Prop 22: No. Lyft/Uber Drivers should have benefits.

Prop 23: I don’t know. Don’t understand the kidney dialysis issue very well. More to come.

Prop 24: Yes. Better data privacy

Prop 25: Yes. Approve non-cash bail system. It’s regressive and hurts the poor.

End SJPD presence in San Jose USD Schools

 (my remarks to the SJUSD School Board).

To the Members of School Board and the Superintendent: 

My name is Bill Roth, a member of Grupo de Solidaridad,  SURJ at Sacred Heart, a former SJUSD parent, and a 30 year San Jose resident. Thank you for holding this study session and allowing the public to participate. I would like to voice my support for not only ending the district’s contract with the San José Police Department but also for passing the Derrick Sanderlin Resolution. Having SJPD in schools sends a terrible message to students of color. I strongly recommend you look at re-targeting the funds allocated for SJPD toward professionals trained in Social Work, as well as people trained in De-Escalation and Restorative Justice. I also urge you to hold a vote on these two issues at an appropriate board meeting in the future. 

Thank you for your service to our community

My ballot picks for March 3rd 2020 Primary Election

In the past, I have published my thoughts on the various candidates and measures on the ballot. This year is no different.

Note: Thinking that primaries don’t matter, and that you don’t need to vote? WRONG. There are a number of important measures not related to the presidential primaries that you should consider, especially if issues like housing and homelessness are important to you.

Party Nominated Offices


I am torn here, and really don’t have a favorite. There are still a few candidates who have dropped out who are still on the ballot, like Castro and Booker(sob). I’ll likely vote for Biden/Warren/Buttigieg. For the record, I’ll vote for whoever the nominee is.

County Central Committee

These are the voting members of the local party to get to go to the state convention, and vote on things like endorsements. When you here “Local party endorses candidate X”, its these people that vote. There are 6-9 slots per Assembly District. I’m in AD 28. The people I know and am going to vote for include:
  • Angelica Ramos
  • Helen Chapman
  • Shay Franco-Clausen
  • James Kim
  • Adrienne Grey
All are long term progressive activists. You get to pick 6, but you don’t have to.

US Rep, District 19

Zoe Lofgren. No question. She’s a decent, hard working public servant and House Impeachment Manager. I’m so proud to be represented by her.

State Senator

Vote Dave 2020. While Anne Ravel is impressive, former FEC Commissioner during the Obama Administration, Dave Cortese is a great local progressive leader. Support him please.

Member of State Assembly, District 28

Please re-elect Evan Low.

Non-partisan Office and Measures


No idea. But all the judges on my ballot are running unopposed.

City Council

Ruben Navarro. A local activist. Dev Davis has been hostile to spending on housing and homelessness, and is a “former” Republican.

State Measure 13

Yes. Look, I don’t like spending on bonds any more than the next guy, but this is the only way to get around Prop 13 and to ensure we improve California Schools.   

City Measure E

Yes. This is an added tax on luxury home sales which will be applied to help housing and homelessness in San Jose. Please vote for this.

Speech at Confront Corruption:Demand Democracy SJ Vigil 7/18/18

My Name Is
Bill Roth, and I am a board member at Sacred Heart Community Service.

The core
message you have heard tonight is that it’s important, now more than ever, that
we all unite as a community, to protect each others’ rights.

And for
those of us with privilege it’s important we stand up for vulnerable communities.

That’s why I
want you to join with Sacred Heart Community Service and other organizations to
support our Rapid Response Network.

The RapidResponse Network is a community defense project developed to protect immigrant
families from ICE deportation threats and to provide accompaniment support
during and after enforcement activities in our community.

Did you know
that 99.1% of the time ICE does not have a valid judicial warrant when it raids
an immigrant’s home?

Did you know
that very often, ICE will mislead people into thinking it is the local police?
This destroys the trust built by our local police force, and violates
constitutional protections.

You can do
something about this.

Join the
Rapid Response Network, and get trained as an operator or legal observer. Or
join to help comfort a family that has just lost a mother or father to

To learn more, go to
or send me a message at 408 256 3271.

Interview during Vigil. Photo Credit (c) Andy Morris

Fr. Jon Pedigo has won the Sultan and Saint Peacemaker award

(Fr. Jon has won the Sultan and Saint Peacemaker award. Read below.)

Date 4-14-2017
Dear Father Jon,
On behalf of Unity Productions Foundation, the creators of
the docudrama The Sultan and the Saint
we humbly request your attendance and participation in the upcoming premiere of
the film at Santa Teresa Parish on the day of  April 23d.  At this premiere of the film we would like to
honor you with the Sultan and the Saint
Peacemaker Award
in recognition of your outstanding work in building
bridges across faiths and cultures.
As an award recipient, you will be included in a national
network of peacemakers working to promote peace and greater understanding
across lines of religious difference, particularly Christian and Muslim
relations.  We would like to include an
overview of the work you do on our website (
where we will feature your headshot and a brief overview of your impact.
You will be joining a national network of The Sultan and the
Saint Peacemaker awardees that is made up of interfaith activists who are
working locally and globally to promote peace and better relations. We will
periodically check-in with you to learn about your latest projects and we will
provide you with some tips for programs and events you can host using UPF films
and other resources.
Thank you for your consideration. Please email me confirming
that you will be available for the premiere and that you are interested in
joining this network.
Unity Productions Foundation


I am here: 12 37.525 N 87 8.687 W,-87.14479
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A good hamburger

I have been searching for a decent hamburger all my life, never able to verbalize what a “good” hamburger really is. Until now.

Last night, I ate at the “Burger Bar” near my hotel in Amsterdam. And I finally found it.
First, it must be a sesame seed bun. And the bun must be soft and moist. Second, its a hamburger,  not a salad. Toppings are ok
In moderation. Third, the bin must do an adequate job of covering the meat and toppings. In-n-out fails here. Finally, the meat has to be decent quality,  soft and tender, and neither too large nor too small. Most pub burgers fail here, and serve great quantities of highly paced beef.

Burger Bar did this. Amazing to think I would have to come to 5000 miles to get something quintessentially American.
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