I am reveling in in my first day of unemployment. I left my car to get serviced. It needs and oil change, and I want to make sure it will make it across the country. Since I have no other means of transportation right now, I have to wait for my car to be finished.
I decided to walk down the street and hang out at the local Burger King. Now, my impression of Burger King is not especially good, but it was the only place near Clark’s Auto Repair in Phoenixville.
I think I have found the perfect Burger King. Its freaky. They seem to be targeting me perfectly. First off, they have a value menu so I can get something small and reasonably healthy (by my standards of course). Second, they have free wireless, asnd it was east to get connected. Finally, they have CNN on flat-screen playing all the time. Who needs Starbucks?
I think this is a good omen.
Update: They block Facebook….wierd.