I am writing this down since I have committed to help multiple folks with their blogs in the last few days.

The process of starting a blog is *really* simple. Before you have it set up, you have to do the following:

  1. Set up an account on google.  It does not have to be a full gmail account, and it you have a non-gmail account you are fond of, register with that. The first time you go to blogger.com, click the “Create Account” link.
  2. Figure out what you want your url to be. All urls are of the form: X.blogspot.com. If you have a phrase or specific term you’ll be blogging about, see if you can get that in your blog title. It will help you show up in searches for that term more often.
Once you have done that, go to blogger.com, and after you are logged in, click the “New Blog” link. At this point, all you have to do, is give the Blog a title, preferable with some of your main keywords in it, type in the url from #2 above, and pick a template. (You can change your template later).

After that:

  1. Click the pencil
  2. Start writing
  3. Push publish to make your blog visible
  4. that’s it!
There are a bunch of settings you can try to make your blog more findable, but populate your blog first, since the best way to get found is to have great content.