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🌟 A Call to Action for Progress 🌟

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

As I stand for election to the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee, I’m reaching out to share my vision and to ask for your support on this journey. My commitment to our community’s well-being, equality, and progress has never been stronger. I’m running because I believe in our collective power to make a difference in the lives of every resident in our community.

✨ Why I’m Running:

To Advocate for You: My primary goal is to represent your needs and concerns, ensuring they are heard and addressed at every level.
Experience and Dedication: With a history of involvement in our community’s growth and well-being, I understand the challenges we face and have the experience to navigate them.
A Future Built Together: My vision is for a more inclusive, just, and sustainable community. I am committed to policies that protect our environment, foster economic growth, and promote social justice.

🗳️ This Election Matters:

Your vote is powerful. It’s a testament to our democratic values and our shared aspirations for the future. I’m asking for your vote not just as an endorsement of my candidacy but as a commitment to the values we share and the future we envision together.

I truly believe we’re in a battle. Not between Democrats and Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives, but between those who believe in our system and those who want to tear it down. A vote in the primary a statement that you believe in our American System.

🙏 Your Support is Crucial:

Spread the Word: Share this post with friends and family. Your voice can amplify our message and bring more supporters to our cause. Share this message with others. Subscribe to my newsletter about the local party.
Get Involved: There are many ways to contribute to our campaign, from volunteering to hosting virtual events. Every action counts. Contact me, or volunteer locally.
Vote: Make your plan to vote. Every vote brings us closer to our goal of a community that works for everyone. Make sure you and your friends and family are registered.

I am here to serve, to listen, and to act. Together, we can achieve extraordinary things. Join me in this campaign for a brighter, more inclusive Santa Clara County. Let’s make our voices heard and our votes count.

Thank you for your support, your trust, and your vote.

With gratitude,

Bill Roth

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  1. Phil

    Hi Bill. You have my vote in this election for two reasons. #1: You have a documented record of posts in which you don’t appear to be Grundmann-flavor violently insane (but I’m fully prepared to issue a mea culpa if I’m mistaken). #2: One of those posts describes the position and its responsibilities.

    It’s kind of wild that there’s so little information available about this race or any of the candidates. You’re the only one I can find who provided either of the above, and that includes the SCCDP website. It’s a bit frustrating on the voter’s end. The Democratic Party is made of many different ideas of how to achieve the party’s stated goals, and I’d like to vote with confidence that the names I choose have priorities that reflect those of my friends and neighbors.

    But that’s something to take up with the organization. Thanks for running, and for summing up your motivations for doing so.

    • Bill Roth

      Thanks for your kind words. Please keep engaging. Call or write any time. I’m also running for Water District in November, Happy. as always, to answer questions.

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