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Music for the Post-Election Blues

Like many of my friends, the election results hit me hard. Really hard. As to why, more on this later. But I have learned that Music can be a powerful non-chemical mood altering device. For me, some kinds of Music, like early John Gorka, can send me into depression. Other music can bring me out of it. So, what follows is my recommendation for things to listen to in order to bring yourself up off the emotional floor that was this election:

So go, grieve. Listen to music, and come to terms to the election. And then, next monday, get back to work fighting for a better country.

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  1. Unknown

    Bob Marley, The Clash, Dylan, Ani, Pete Seeger, Michael Franti, Neil, Airplane, Coltrane, Joan Baez, John Lennon, Gil-Scott Heron….to name a few……..we are resurrection people with our work cut out for us'''''

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