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Written by Bill Roth   
Monday, 07 November 2011 19:03

Dear Friends,

I need your help to support an organization which does amazing work teaching, feeding, clothing and bringing clean water to the people of rural Nicaragua.

I'll get right to the point. I need you to donate some money.

It is hard for me to ask for money. But, I went on a mission trip in August of 2011 to work on building a water systems for some of the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua. You can find my notes here and the pictures of my trip here.

Simply, it changed my life.

I need your help to keep this work going. The organization that runs this mission, Amigos For Christ, has an ambitious program to get 500 people to donate enough mmoney lay down 25 Miles of pipe to run fresh, clean water for commiunities in Nicaragua.

My goal is only to raise $487. 487 is the number I took down from the fundraising board at Casa Blanca in Chinandega. You can see the current state of board here. If we're successful, we can raise over $125,000 for clean water for the people of rural northwestern Nicaragua.

Why is clean water so important? It is important for two reasons. First, most the groundwater is contamintated by sulphur in northwest Nicaragua from the nearby volcanoes. Second, much of the rest of the water has parasites. Nearly 90% of the children have some kind of parasitic infection in the communities where we work. Sickness is a frequent, unwelcome, vistor.

To hear about it from someone who lives there, play the Ranco Pando video on the donation page.

This water can change their lives, and you can be a part of it. Please give what you can to help my friends in Nicaragua, people like Juanita, Wilbur and Marleen, whose pictures you see on the donation page. Please help if you can. No donation is too small.

One final comment: This is personal to me. This isn't some abstract "ask" to help people in far-away lands. I have met these people. I have played with these kids. I have talked to these people. I have been to their homes. I have worked with these people to build a better community.

Help me reach my goal, so these folks can meet theirs. A better life for their families. Donate today.

Thank you for your consideration,


Bill Roth

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